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Family of Gilbert D BOWEN and Patricia STEPHENSON

Husband: Gilbert D BOWEN (1930- )
Wife: Patricia STEPHENSON (1942- )
Children: April BOWEN (1961- )
Marriage Oct 1961 London

Husband: Gilbert D BOWEN

Name: Gilbert D BOWEN
Sex: Male
Father: Clement BOWEN (1898-1968)
Mother: Mary Ann BAMFORD (1899-1966)
Birth Feb 1930 Stoke On Trent

Wife: Patricia STEPHENSON

Name: Patricia STEPHENSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1942 London

Child 1: April BOWEN

Name: April BOWEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Douglas BLAKEMORE (1947- )
Birth Apr 1961 Stoke On Trent